• ADD/ADHD Counseling

    ADD/ADHD Counseling

    Have you recently noticed that you…

    Get “lost” in things that you are interested in, but can’t focus on things you don’t enjoy?

    Often get side-tracked by things that pop into your head that results in getting off task?

    Find yourself missing deadlines and avoiding or procrastinating with things that require more in-depth thought?

    Are quick to react and say things or make decisions without slowing down to consider the consequences?

    Here are some common symptoms of Adult ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder):

    • Notebook Page With Text Adhd - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD testing in Chicago, IL with an adhd therapist chicago 60602Problems with planning and executing tasks efficiently
    • Difficulty with time management with the inability to anticipate how long a project will take to complete
    • Forgetfulness no matter how clearly instructions are presented
    • Inattentiveness or distraction which can be seen as “zoning out” in conversations or during meetings within a professional setting
    • Trouble with detail-oriented work which can lead to mistakes and errors
    • Challenges with getting started and staying on task with things that feel boring or repetitive
    • Impulsivity or blurting out things without thinking them through or considering the consequences of words expressed
    • Hyperactivity, trouble sitting still, or internal agitation/restlessness
    • Frequently talking over others or interrupting
    • Irritability, short fuse, or being sensitive to criticism.
    • Problems staying motivated when under-stimulated or underwhelmed
    • Chronic lateness or tardiness

    ADHD Counseling Can Help You

    Here is the good news! Often adults with ADHD can be highly functioning and extremely capable individuals and professionals. This means that they inherently have many skills and strengths upon which to pull from when working through the problem areas. ADHD is a brain-based issue that a person deals with over the course of the lifespan, yet sometimes it goes undetected until adulthood because of intuitive coping skills that the individual has developed. Additionally, it may not pose a problem until adulthood when an increased difficulty with the ability to remain calm, organized and focused, tends to coincide with when roles within the family, career, personal life expands. ADHD is not something that a person will outgrow. Additionally, ADHD in children looks very different than ADHD in adults.

    ADHD Therapist Writing Notes, doing therapy for adhd in chicago, il

    Since ADHD makes it difficult for a person to inhibit their spontaneous responses it can cause strain in relationships. These frustrations can later lead to low self-esteem as well as friction with family, friends, and co-workers. At Nicole Bauer Counseling we have worked with countless folks with ADHD to develop improved coping skills which have greatly impacted their quality of life, work productivity and their relationships.

    Nicole Bauer Counseling’s Approach to Adult ADHD Counseling

    Treatment involves a task-oriented and strategic approach that targets behavioral management strategies that can make a dramatic difference in improving your symptoms and overall quality of life. Therapeutic interventions target skill development by cultivating:

    • Planning and organization skills
    • Creating systems for organizing thought processes
    • Eliminating distractions
    • Improving mindfulness around impulsivity
    • Enhancing academic performance for college students
    • Building time management skills
    • Developing work productivity and efficiency
    • Improving the capacity to slow down and self-regulate communication patterns

    But, I Don’t Have Time for Counseling!

    ADHD therapy will result in improved time management skills which eventually will result in better, more quality time. Also, we offer convenient online counseling for ease of appointments.